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Naruto : Birth of the Legendary Shinobi Servers

  • Status: Unknown
  • Server 1 Host: SO Leader, Cobra JOIN!
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Step By Step Instructions On How To Download BYOND, Install BYOND, Then Connect To Naruto : Birth Of The Legendary Shinobi

Step 1 : Clickto begin downloading BYOND. Click Save and Save it in the most convienent place.

Step 2 : After the download is complete find and run byond_411.exe and proceed with the following instructions to install.

Step 3 : Open Byond and make a key by click on the MANAGE KEYS button, then select the CREATE KEY option and click next. Fill out the information and click next. Open up the e-mail account you just used and wait for the confirmation number to arrive, copy and paste that number into the CONFIRMATION # box in the BYOND program and click Finish.

Step 4 : Log into your Key by selecting it and entering your password and then click Login.

Step 5 : Click HERE to automatically open up a Dreamseeker window to the Main Perm. Server for Naruto : Birth of the Legendary Shinobi!

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